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North Carolina Veterans, active duty military and family members are invited to write about the Invisible Wounds of War that you or your family member have sustained–-psychological, physical, moral, spiritual wounds–and how these wounds have affected your lives. Please indicate in your submission whether you are military or a family member.

If you are a Veteran in crisis or are experiencing suicidal thoughts please call the Veterans Crisis Line at 1-800-273-8255 and press 1. This project does not offer crisis intervention services, but we encourage you to please seek help if you have having suicidal thoughts and/or a plan. Please do not use this page to reach out for help–because the writing submissions are anonymous, we have no way to find you and get help to you. Please call the crisis line. Whatever you’re experiencing, it can get better with professional help. 

By submitting your writing, you agree to it being published in the online gallery and in upcoming exhibits of the writing.

Write a word, sentence, or brief paragraph below that describes your invisible wounds from war.  It’s anonymous. 

NO FREAKING OUT. If you feel like you might freak out, stop writing, put your pen down, and breathe or do something else to help you calm down. If writing about this on your own feels too upsetting, you may want to ask for the support of a therapist or just not do it. If it feels overwhelming to write about it, then just write “It feels too overwhelming to write about it” or something to that effect and send us that.

A few writing prompts to help you get started:
One word that describes my invisible wounds from war is _______.
What I live with after returning home from war that most of the world cannot see is _______.
The invisible wounds I carry include _______.
What haunts me is ______.

If you prefer, you can snail mail your writing to us:

Jen Johnson
P.O. Box 1963
Wilmington, NC 28402

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